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Rebecca Odessa

Painter | Collage Artist | Writer





Collage Artist





Rebecca Odessa is a New Zealand born painter, collage artist and writer currently living and working on the Isle of Man. With a degree in Religious Studies and having trained at the Slade School of Fine Art, Rebecca is passionate about religious and political history, philosophy, psychology, cultural anthropology and esoteric goings-on. Through her art, Rebecca explores, interrogates and interprets the complex multifaceted depths of the psyche and human condition via fluid rendering of colour, form and precision detailing. Her work has been exhibited internationally and a number of Rebecca’s collages have been commissioned to appear in print. Her preferred research topics are the pathology of conflict and the deconstruction of human behaviour. To contact Rebecca or discuss a commission, please use the form at the bottom of the page.


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“Troar y Gheay” - Crop of the Wind

A documentary film chronicling the work of Rebecca Odessa, creating an original collage for Culture Vannin – the Arts Council of the Isle of Man. Commissioned on the topic of “energy and the environment”.

'The Grey Zone' Documentary

In July, 2014, Rebecca Odessa returned from a research expedition to Auschwitz-Birkenau determined to create a work of art that could communicate what she had learned and experienced, for others who may not have the opportunity to visit for themselves. The project would take her five years and thousands of hours to complete. In this short documentary, Rebecca explains her inspiration, her process and the motivation behind the creation of “The Grey Zone.”